Services currently provided by AIO Solutions

AIO Services

These are the services that AIO Solutions currently provide from one system dependant on account.

Client Manager

Inluded in all packages is a Client Manager.

Personnel Manager

Inluded in all packages is a Personnel Manager.

Events Manager

Inluded in all packages is an Events Manager.

Documents Manager

Documents on the go, create Mail Merge or Personalised documents or contracts, agreements or even internal documents.


Send Invoices, track your expences and manage your company finance with easy with our Accountancy Software.

Project Manager

Keep track on your projects in one place and manage how your staff and progress are tracked from start to finish.

Asset Manager

Manage your company Assest from tech to equipment with our Asset Management System.

Email Campaigns

Send Email Campaigns or Newsletters to your clients with ease with our Email Campaign Software.

Service Desk

Manage the compunication with your clients over the phone with our Service Desk. Track the types of calls, request, conversation and much more all from one place.

Support Desk

Manage the emails you have with our Support Desk. Track the types of request emails, support tickets, email communication and users ownership and much more all from one place.

Quote Manager

Keep track of the quotes you send your potential customers with our Quote Manager.

Comming Soon

Already in the production line with AIO
- Survey Manager.
- Inventory Manager.

Have an idea for a service we should include into AIO, then let us know and if we use it, you will get it for free on your account forever.